BSKP-20202L Decora-style Lighting Keypad

ITEM # 99-1036-xxx

Functionality Recall Presets 1-6
Form Factor Single gang type
Color White
Bus Communication CS-Bus (Up to 4000 feet from controller)
Compatibility/Connections Must plug into Port 0 of ILC-x00 controller
Voltage 5vdc
Compliance ETL Listing to UL 2108, CE, RoHS
EMI Testing FCC Class B (home and office)
Pwr Consumption 50 ma
Max Run 4000 feet with CAT 5 cable)
Termination RJ-25 (6P6C)
Dimensions 4" x 1.75"

BACKGROUND. The Converging Systems BSKP line of intelligent keypads are designed to control one or more lighting controllers with common addresses. The attractivec keypads are designed to mount in a standard single gang outlet box. BSKP keypads are often chosen where no other third-party automation is being specfied and typically as a backup or a distributed keypad to an existing system.

OPERATION. Combined with an ILC-100c™ or an ILC-400™ LED controller, up to 6 presets can be recalled(using RGB, RGBW, or monochrome FLLA linear LED strips). These settings can be verified by an attractive set of LED indicators that reference the preset selected.

EASY SETUP. The FLLA’s single gang form factor can be easily mounted in a standard wallbox up to 4000 feet from an ILC-x00 family controller. Up to 2 keypads can be connected to each controller. In a daisy-chained configuration, up to 254x2 or 508 keypads can be configured.