IMC-300/301 Intelligent Motor Controllers

IMC-300 ITEM # 99-1011-xxx (120v)
IMC-301 ITEM # 99-1012-000 (240v)

Function Networkable 3-channel Motor Controller
intelligent door control
Processing Built in motor processor
Control Type IMC-300 Native Command Set
CS-Bus compatible with optional e-Node
Keypad Connector 4-pin detachable connetor for 11-button keypad
4-pin detachable connector for acc. keypad
Output Connetor 3-pin detachable connetor
3-pin detachable connector Motor
3-pin detachable connector Motor C
Control Motor control command set
Screen Trigger Interface 2 channels
Low-Voltage Trigger 1 channel
Network (IP) Connection Through separate (single) e-Node
RS-232c Connection Through separate (single) IBT-100
Input Connetor 2-pin detachable connetor
PCB accessible ground
Motor Compatibility Up to three (3) 1/3 hp AC Motors
Compliance ETL Listing to UL 325,FCCA, CE, RoHS
EMI Testing FCC Class B (home and office)
Dimensions 4.00"x 5.5" x 1.1"
Weight 12 oz.

BACKGROUND.The Intelligent Motor Controller IMC-300™ is a state-of-the art bi-directional communication AC motor controller designed to control motors such as those used in projection screens, drapery or curtain applications. A built-in microprocessor allows individual addressability as well as more sophisticated triggering and sequencing of any number of additionally CS-Bus™ linked IMC family controllers from simple switches, screen trigger inputs, home automation systems, lighting/shading panels or even over the Internet using IP (Internet Protocol). The IMC-300™ implements communication standards adopted by the computer industry (rather than proprietary standards) that allows bi-directional communication to be utilized for automation control. Sophisted door logic is embedded which insures that if one of the three supported motors is for a door motor, the screens or masks are well protected even during the case of a power failure.

OPERATION. Simple compatible controls permits up to 6 presets to be stored and recalled for supported motors. For installation that exceeds the standards for serial communication, an optional ethernet adapter can be purchased (e-Node).

EASY SETUP. Up to 6 masking presets can be saved or recalled using the BSKP-2110B keypad or third-party automation systems using RS-232c communication. IP communication is available using the optional e-Node.