Pricy Policy


At Converging Systems, we respect your privacy. That is why whenever you visit us at, you will never have to worry about whether or not your information you share with us will be used without your permission.

When you communicate with us via email, submit a request for technical support or register for support through our website, you may be asked to provide certain information. This is collected by us to help serve you, and will be used only for that purpose.

At Converging Systems our goal is to ensure that you have an informative and engaging experience every time you contact our company -- whether in person, on the telephone or via the web. To facilitate that goal, we may sometimes use cookies to help us evaluate your experience on our website. Cookies are a harmless method of tracking data through your web browser. Usually, the cookies you receive from our website will expire when you end your browser session. Your web browser can be set to notify you when you are receiving cookies and you can then opt whether or not to accept the cookie.

In addition to cookies, Converging Systems uses web server logs to evaluate our web site and to learn what you find helpful and what you do not. The information in server logs cannot be used to identify you personally. At, you will remain anonymous until you decide to provide us with personal information.

Enjoy our website and we trust you will feel comfortable during the experience. If you have any questions regarding your privacy, please feel free to contact us.