e-Node Ethernet Adapter
(for ILC & IMC Lighting and Motor Controllers)

ITEM # 99-1062-10x

Function IP Interface for up to 254 ILC-x00 Lighting and/or IMC-x00 Motor Contollers
Processing Custom embedded network protocol processor
Control Type IP Control (input), CS-Bus (output) compatible
Output Connector RJ-25 6P6C dual CS-Bus connections
Command Set -Lighting Control Command Set (CS-Bus commands)
-Motor Control Command Set (CS-Bus commands)
Protocols TCP, UDP, TELNET Client, TELNET Server ARP, ICMP, DLC, WINS, WEB Server, HTTP. DNCP, NetBIOS, SNTP, CGI and XML processor
Telnet Server 4 sockets for concurrent control from multiple automation/lighting control platforms
Telnet Client For concurrent operation with Lutron platforms
Telnet Authentication Options: Authentication Enabled/Disabled
User Interface -Embedded webpage for firmware dates and basic control
-Pilot application enables networking setup and Virtual terminal control
Compliance PCB/Power Supply UL Listed, CE, RoHS
EMI Testing FCC Class B (home and office)
Current Consumption 250 ma @ 12vDC-24vDC
Power Connector -3-pin connector for connection to external power supply unit (separately available)
-POE Optionally available-late 2016
Dimensions 3.53" x 2.375" x 2.125" (89.66mm x 60.39mm x 53.98mm)
Weight 3.4 oz (.10kg)

BACKGROUND. The e-Node™ is a state-of-the Intelligent Internet Protocol controller which is designed to enable wired or wireless (Ethernet) control of nearly a limitless range of facility automation clients/devices. Its factory defaults allow the e-Node™ to communicate and control a wide range of CS-Bus™ compatible motor and lighting control devices. In addition, any device that supports RS-232-C or RS-485 communications can be controlled as well with optional factory-provided drivers. This makes the e-Node™ a tremendously robust communication tool for Ethernet connectivity--the rapidly evolving control interface standard in the world. In addition to control, the e-Node™ combined with the e-Node™ Pilot (PC) application allows all CS-Bus™ controllers (motor and lighting), as well as CS-Bus™ keypad user interface devices and CS-Bus integration/connectivity adapters (including occupancy sensors, photosensors, and third-party hardware legacy adapters) to be installed, commissioned, customized, and remotely monitored (and controlled) either on-site or remotely by the installer without any factory support or intervention.

OPERATION. The e-Node™ provides an Internet Protocol (IP) data stream that can be connected over the Internet to any remote system, operator or application that can address the Internet. All native commands, responses and error messages required to commission, control, and monitor CS-Bus™ devices are available through the e-Node™ and can be easily managed through the supplied e-Node™ Pilot (PC) application. And if the system is connected to a Wireless (802.11b/g/n) Access Point or a wired network switch, built-in web server pages are available which can be viewed with any browser to control supported equipment

EASY SET UP AND CONFIGURATION.A built-in 32-bit processor simplifies setup and enables easy upgrade to future-proof the device. The e-Node™ is designed for plug-n-play operation. Its network address (IP) is set dynamically without user intervention through a built-in DHCP server. Network settings (for static IP addressing) can be easily changed though the e-Node™ Pilot application or through the embedded web pages viewable though any browser. Many popular automation systems have drivers available for e-Node™, so only its network address typically has to be customized! wser to control supported equipment