Screen Trigger Inteface STI-100

ITEM # 99-1078-xxx (120v) ITEM # 1079-000 (240v)

Form Factor
Function DC voltage trigger for AC load
Output Connetor Flying leads (up/down/neutral/ground
Input Connetor RJ-25 (6P6C) for dc voltage trigger
DC trigger votlage 5vDC - 12vDC 5 ma
Compliance ETL Listing to UL 325,FCCA, CE, RoHS
EMI Testing FCC Class B (home and office)
Maximum Output Load 1/3 hp
Dimensions 1.00"x 3.00" x 1.1"
Weight 6 oz.

BACKGROUND. The Screen Trigger Interface (STI-100â„¢) is an ingenious dc-triggering device optimized to control AC motors from a low-milliamp input current.

OPERATION. The STI-100 can be installed next to an AC projecton screen motor or similar device to enable the AC load to be switched on or off depending upon the status of the DC voltage. Creative implementations of the device have been integrated into motor lights, dog doors and other similar devices.

EASY SETUP. The controller’s incredibly small size enables the unit to be positioned seamlessly within a soffit, equipment rack, J-Box or control panel.