IMC-100/101 Intelligent Motor Controlles

IMC-100c - ITEM # 99-1029-xxx (120v)
IMC-101c - ITEM # 99-1034-000 (240v)
IMC-100t -ITEM # 99-1028-xxx (120v)

Trigger Configuration
Function Networkable 1-channel Motor Controller
Processing Built in motor processor
Control Type CS-Bus compatible
Output Connetor 3-pin detachable connetor
Control Motor control command set
Max No. CS-Controllers on bus 254
Max Length of CS-Bus 4000 feet daisy-chained with CAT5
Screen Trigger Interface "C" version-2
"T" version-1
Low-Voltage Trigger "C" version -0
"T" version-1
Network (IP) Connection Through separate (single) e-Node
RS-232c Connection Through separate (single) IBT-100
Input Connetor 2-pin detachable connetor
PCB accessible ground
Motor Compatibility 1/3 hp AC Motor
Compliance ETL Listing to UL 325,FCCA, CE, RoHS
EMI Testing FCC Class B (home and office)
Dimensions `.78"x 2.75" x 1.1"
Weight 6 oz.

BACKGROUND.The Intelligent Motor Controller IMC-100™ is a state-of-the art bi-directional communication AC motor controller designed to control motors such as those used in projection screens, drapery or curtain applications. The device’s incredibly small size enables it to be easily mounted within a standard J-Box or within a screen, drapery or curtain head rail or shroud. A built-in microprocessor allows individual addressability as well as more sophisticated triggering and sequencing of any number of additionally CS-Bus™ linked IMC family controllers from simple switches, screen trigger inputs, home automation systems, lighting/shading panels or even over the Internet using IP (Internet Protocol). The IMC-100™ implements communication standards adopted by the computer industry (rather than proprietary standards) that allows for up to 65,025 distinct IMC-100™ controllers to be interconnected and controlled from virtually any distance (up to 4000 feet) using an inexpensive, low-voltage communication bus (using standard CAT5 or CAT3 wiring.

OPERATION. One or more IMC-100™ controllers (max 65,025) can be networked to control nearly an unlimited number of motorized devicesLED lighting arrays. A family of DecoraR-style keypads including a simple "Exit Control" device is available to trigger various motor operations. Automation systems and 3rd party lighting/shading panels can operate CS-Bus networks up to 4000 feet away.

EASY SETUP. The controller’s incredibly small size enables the unit to be positioned seamlessly within a soffit, equipment rack, J-Box or control panel. A built-in microprocessor allows easy system programming while embedded CS-Bus™ discovery technology allows one or more keypads to be quickly interfaced to control motor functions. Popular building and home automation systems have developed customized device drivers which enable simple to sophisticated control of motors and functions. In addition, a family of CS-Bus™ interface adapters is available which enable IMC-100™ family motor controllers to be connected to nearly any type system without third-party drivers!