ILC-100c RGB Controller

ITEM # 99-1073-xxx

Form Factor
Function 3-channel (RGB) Controller
Processing Built in color computer, 16-bit PWM with gamma correction
Control Type CS-Bus compatible
Output Connetor 4-pin detachable connetor
Control 50+ control paramters
Screen Trigger Interface Available through IMC-10x controller on bus
Low-Voltage Trigger Available through IMC-10x controller on CS-Bus
Low-End Dimming .001% wiht no flicker
Hue Accurate Dimming Yes-without color shift
Network Connection Through separate (single) e-Node
RS-232c Connection Through separate (single) IBT-100
Input Connetor 2-pin detachable connetor
LED Compatibility 12-36vDC common positive (for RGB constant voltage)
RGB devices supported FLLA series
3rd party devices Contact Factory
Compliance ETL Listing to UL 2108,FCCA, CE, RoHS
EMI Testing FCC Class B (home and office)
Maximum Output Wattage 6.3amps (max for ETL is 100 watts)
Dimensions 0.78"x 2.75" x 1.1"
Weight 6 oz.
Manufacturing Made in USA

BACKGROUND. The Intelligent Lighting Controller (ILC-100™) is an ingenious state-of-the art networkable controller for either monochrome (single color) or RGB (full color) component LED lamps. Unlike traditional LED lighting controllers which simply activate and in some cases dim LED elements, the ILC-100™ allows any hue from a palette of over 16 million colors to be user selected, saved in memory and dimmed to any level reliably without expensive accessories or complex user interfaces. For ease of color selection, an embedded color computer (previously used to generate color printer output within laser printers), permits any hue to be easily selected with the simple press of a button and no special training or knowledge of color science.

OPERATION. One or more ILC-100™ controllers (max 65,025) can be networked to control nearly an unlimited number of LED lighting arrays. A family of DecoraR -style keypads are available to select colors as well as function as simple “exit” control devices. Automation systems and 3rd party lighting panels can operate ILC- 100 networks up to 4000 feet away.

EASY SETUP. The controller’s incredibly small size enables the unit to be positioned seamlessly within a soffit, equipment rack, J-Box or control panel. A built-in microprocessor allows easy system programming while the unique CSBus™ discovery technology allows one or more keypads to be quickly interfaced to control lighting functions and scenes. Popular building and home automation systems have developed customized device drivers which enable simple to sophisticated control of scenes and functions. In addition, a family of CS-Bus™ interface adapters are available which enable ILC-100™ LED lighting cont