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Device Driver Technical Information


This technical information designed for the programmer details the syntax and protocol that must be followed in order to create a device driver using either serial or Ethernet (UDP) connectivity (Telnet or UPD). This information is updated from time to time to reflect enhancements and additional commands supported by Converging Systems' CS-Bus products.

Also included are tips on how to deploy and control large systems as well as how to commission installations remotely.

Most files are in ZIP format. You should save the file in an appropriate location on your computer. After you have downloaded the file, unzip and click on the executable.

Programming Design Kit Download Size

Third-Party CS-Bus Device Driver Toolkit - Programmers's Guide (DDK) (Rev. 2.3.r)


476 KB


Third-Party BRIC Masking Controller Command Summary Sheet (Rev.1.0)


55 KB

Device Developer Background Notes Download Size

Overview of Creating a Device Driver for Converging Systems' LED or Motor Controller Products


169 KB


Setting Up Equipment to Develop a Device Driver (for ILC-100 type products)


354 KB