FLLA Monochrome Linear Arrays 3300K 75-89 CRI

ITEM # 99-1085-xxx (V3-3300)

Available Lengths
Part Number FLLA-3L-W3300-(V)-(B)-(IP)-(L)
-IP(Rating):-IP54 (wet)
-L(ength):-5m, -Other (contact factory
Low-End Dimming .001% with no flicker (with ILC-x00 controllers)
CCT ~3300K
CRI 75-89+
Input Connetor 4-pin detachable connetor
Voltage (EB): 24vdc common+
(SB): 12vdc common +
Water Resistant Rating (IP54): Wet
(IP44), Dry (NA)
Lumens 220 lumens per foot
Density (LED/m) (24v): 60led/m
(12v): 30led/m (N/A)
Beam Angle 120 degrees
Mounting Method 3M adhesive backing
Compliance ETL Listing to UL 2108, CE, RoHS
EMI Testing FCC Class B (home and office)
Pwr Consumption (24v): 3.2w/m
(12v): 1.6w/m
Max Run (w/1 leader cable) (24v): 5m
(12v): 5m
Dimensions 10 mm wide

BACKGROUND. The Converging Systems Flexible Linear Lighting Array (FLLA) are high precision LED strips that have achieved both ETL Listing Under UL 2108) as wells as Philips Licensing (indemified under the trove of Philips patents). A quality detachable plug connector as well as factory available solder-on terminals enables the FLLA strips to be field cut ever 3.97". On-board high precision resistors plus factory monitored bin selection for all LEDS insures color consistency end-to-end. Don't risk you installation which might be subject to on-site building inspectors by using inexpensive non0listed devices which amy experience excessive heat buildd-up, color degradation and flicker in low-brightness settings..

OPERATION. Combined with an ILC-100™ or an ILC-400™ LED controller, nearly 16.7 million colors can be selected (using RGB strips). Compatible-accessory family products include keypads, hand-held IR remotes, standard 0-10v lighting interfaces, motion sensors, as well as serial and Ethernet adapters.

EASY SETUP. The FLLA’s thin form factor enables the lighting devices to be mounted almost anywhere. Typically up to 12m (40’) of standard density (FLE-12SD-xxx) 12-volt DC LEDs or up to 6m (20’) of enhanced brightness (FLE-12EB-xxx) 12-volt LEDs can be connected to a single ILC-100™ controller1. Alternatively, a 24-volt enhanced brightness configuration is available (FLE-24EB-xxx) which permits longer runs. If additional runs beyond those specified above are required, additional ILC-100™ or controllers can be networked together. ILC-100™ controllers can be located up to an amazing 1219m (4000’) away with other controllers, automation systems or switches!